Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

an abrupt fling

an abrupt fling

january started me up
I. and so the harsh-lit concrete
became our golden brick road
hand in hand
palm to palm
alien shoulders, elbows
and arms merely brushing
as I urged you forward
to run away with me.
II. alcohol-laden breaths
pumping heaving lungs
you held on to me
as we escaped from wolves
for a few magical moments
I was yours and yours alone
your face glowing, bathed
by the gloomy lamp post.
III. half way to the end of the road
you stopped me
“do you really need to go now?”
you shook my world
halting myself from kissing you
I dragged you up
and out of the world you once knew
“don’t look back.”
IV. and so the cold dusty road
heard us
our footsteps, our laughter
stomping and running
your heavy breath and mine
my beating heart and yours
and we only stopped to board the train
…and then we were off again.

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