Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

True North

True North

You are my true north. My soul mate. I thought I could keep you happy forever well I hoped I could. You were the brightest light that ever shined in my direction.
The times we spent together I will treasure forever. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for going on and on about you, especially since I am 11 years your senior. Age never mattered. When my friends tells me you are only 21 and only after one thing, I never understood. If you were only after one thing I never would have known.
i love you because- you are smart, beautiful, caring, passionate, compassionate, and the most lovable caring person I have ever met in my life. my life without you is sad, and lonely and unfulfilled. You know I love my job, and all that goes along with it, then there are the happy times I wish I had someone to share with. Then there are the sad times I wish you could hug me and make everything better.
I don’t want to find someone like you or get over you, because you are him, the man I wish to be with forever and ever and ever. I may not get that chance, and I hope the woman who does appreciates you in the most raw form.

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