Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Make out first, talk later

Make out first, talk later

I met you on the street with my roommate. You were happy and chatting with everyone.
You had a youthful innocence. You reminded me of me about 7 years ago.
You said “Happy Friday to you” and smiled and I looked at you like I was actually looking at you.
You had a good flannel shirt and I had a good feeling about you. I think you had kind of bad hair, and I already can’t remember what you look like.
I have good intuition, though.
I left a note for you at your band’s practice space.
You thought I was gay.
We texted over the next 4 days or so. Is that what the kids do now? Text to get to know someone? I told you we should hang out and you told me you liked another lady.
If only you knew how much that didn’t matter to me.
Via all this virtual banter it turns out you like seafood and have a dog. I can have those things be dealbreakers, right?
Despite the fact that you think I’m maybe a little slutty and I think you are easily heartbroken, I think we’d actually get along.
Lessons learned:
1. It’s super easy to pick people up. All you have to do is something.
2. Make out first, talk later.
I accidentally found out how easy it is to stalk someone on facebook. Your cover photo was of your dog and your profile picture was of you eating a lobster.
All of this hilarity, I think we should probably be friends. Promise I won’t try to make out with your face.

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